A group equipping children with self awareness, social understanding and interpersonal skills.

The characteristic of resiliency is linked with the ability to relate to others and develop social networks. Unfortunately this is often not taught in school or in the home, and some children are unable to pick up these necessary social skills naturally. A failure to develop the social understanding and behaviors necessary to form these friendships can cause social isolation, school refusal, social conflict, oppositional behavior etc., Negative social experiences can have long term consequences on future family, relationships, career success, general well being and self-esteem. This program works to build confidence in social settings, increasing their sense of well-being and belonging as they experience success in their social world.

KEYS TO CONNECT aims to provide an accepting and welcoming environment with a focus on understanding the feelings and behaviors of other people as well as themselves. After an understanding has been reached, interpersonal skills are developed in order to facilitate meaningful relationships and connections with others. It will especially benefit children with Autism Spectrum Disorders or any children who experience difficulty in their social understanding or behavior.