Quarterly Report – July to September 2017

The July to September Quarterly Report is available to download here.

We hear so much in the news about the amazing rise in the value of housing in so many areas of Victoria.  The unfortunate accompaniment to this is the rising cost of rentals for the many families unable to ever even look like affording their own home!

The main housing agency in this area reports that single people on the newstart allowance cannot even afford most boarding houses now, since they are charging over $200 per week for a single room!

Many of the caravan parks will not allow people on newstart to even apply to rent a van! The Andrews Centre provides temporary accommodation in four units for periods between three and six months to give families time to save towards private housing.

Whilst in the houses they are also provided with support from WAYSS to achieve private rental and free counselling for adults and children at the Centre, where there has been  eg domestic violence.  Sometimes they might also need to access our free legal advice service.