Privacy Policy

Endeavour Ministries Inc is committing to respecting and protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all who come to us for assistance. We support and are bound by the Australian Privacy Principles updated 18 December 2013.

The Andrews Centre is where all emergency relief and referral occurs and here we seek to be sensitive at all times to those who come fro assistance. We are well aware that coming to ask for such help can be very difficult and embarrassing and we therefore seek at all times to handle clients with sensitivity and in a manner which preserves their privacy. Our policies ensure that confidentiality is protected at all times.

Dealing with Personal Information

In order to assess a client’s eligibility for crisis assistance it is necessary for the Centre to ask for personal information. This includes viewing a Healthcare Card and asking about current sources of income . If this information is not given we may not be able to fully provide the service requested. Clients are also requested to provide contact details as this information helps us to have a means of contacting clients with information on events, courses or special programs which they may desire to be involved with.

Information is stored on a data base which can only be accessed by the worker with a specific password entry

We never disclose your personal information to other people or organizations without your consent unless we are required to do so by law, or unless they are other emergency relief workers working as part of the emergency relief team. In such cases these team members must keep your information totally confidential and they must sign strict confidentiality agreements with us. They are also bound by privacy laws.

We never ask for personal information about clients from other organizations without the consent of the client.

Request for Information

A client can request a copy of the personal information recorded about them and can also request the correction of any information they deem to be inaccurate. To do so please call the Privacy Officer on (03) 9700 4944.