Purchase of the Andrews Centre

Purchase of the Andrews Centre Early last year Endeavour Ministries Inc. was given the news that the Landlord of the Andrews Centre premises, out of which our main services run, did not intend to renew the Lease. The Landlord was willing to sell but that seemed a very daunting prospect!

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Presenting a 14 week course for adolescents and their parents (2 groups run consecutively) specifically addressing issues for adolescents who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or who struggle to relate socially. The program will be run by Emma Healey, Psychologist and Susan Harry, Psychologist. For further information and

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WAYSS Housing Support

WAYSS Housing support is available every Friday between 10 am-12 noon (except School Holidays). Ring the Centre (97004944) for an appointment.

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Financial Literacy Program for Young Teenagers

This project aims to address two key essentials for students in our modern society. One is an ability to manage money wisely. The other is a capacity to appreciate the difficulties people experience who are trying  to manage on very limited incomes due to poverty and disadvantage We have developed

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Endeavour Ministries in 2018 has continued to offer a wide range of services aimed primarily at providing assistance to families and individuals who are in crisis, which can be for a whole range of reasons – financial stress, homelessness, anxiety, depression, loneliness, mental illness relationship breakdown etc Everything that is

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REDUCE SPENDING – ACHIEVE SAVINGS GOALS!! A FREE 2-PART SEMINAR TOPICS COVERED: Creating a realistic budget Smarter shopping Saving without missing out   Dates available: Thursday March 14th and Thursday March 23rd Thursday May 9th and Thursday May 16th Thursday August 22nd and Thursday August 29th   All sessions will

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