Counsellor profiles

Adult Psychologists and Counsellors

Rosemary Steer

Mrs Rosemary Steer M.A.P.S.

Rosemary heads up our counselling team, providing support and supervision. She sees clients for a huge range of personal and interpersonal issues including:

  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Emotional distress regarding relationships
  • Looking for help, direction and guidance in problem solving
  • Dissatisfaction with life skills, social skills training and loss
  • Personality disorders or other more entrenched issues
  • Working through family of origin issues, including abuse, neglect and control
  • Couples communication, counselling and therapy
  • Coping with difficult behaviours within a family

Nandi Herholdtz

Mrs Nandi Herholdtz M.A.

(Psychology & Counselling), M.A.P.S, Cert IV Pastoral Counselling, Accredited MBTI Practitioner

Nandi’s goal is to help others reach their full potential in life. She specialises in neuro psychological strategies to help clients manage depression, anxiety, stress and sleep more effectively.

Her personal experience in being a business consultant for 18 years enables her to work effectively with male and female clients across workplace and personal issues that impact their wellbeing.

Nandi has been married for 22 years and has three teenage daughters. Her personal journey as a parent has also fuelled her passion for using family therapy to improve well-being in families.

Mrs Elizabeth Keecherer B.A. (Counselling) RN

Elizabeth has a background in nursing and disability support along with her degree in counselling. She is a very committed and very caring person and has proved a valuable support to many grieving, highly anxious or depressed clients.

Emma Healey


Emma Healey B.A. (Psych) Grad Dip Psych M.A.P.S. Emma works with children and adolescents as well as providing some family counselling. She also counsels children facing anxiety, depression or grief issues and children suffering as the result of family breakdown and custody disputes.

Emma sees many adolescents struggling with issues related to school and/or peer relationships.

Emma and Karen both provide educational and behavioural assessments to establish whether children have learning difficulties which might necessitate the provision of an integration aid or entry into a special school. Behavioural and emotional therapy is provided for children with Aspergers Syndrome or other forms of autism and children struggling with self esteem or issues of bullying.

Mrs Susan Harry B.A. (Psych) M.A.P.S.

Susan’s specialities are in adolescent psychology and family therapy.

All of our child and adolescent psychologists also work with children to help them develop more effective social skills and have run Social Skills programs such as “Stop, Think, Do” in schools.

Mrs Karen Shirt  M Psych  (Educational and Developmental)  M.Education. M.A.P.S.

Karen is an experienced psychologist with particular expertise counselling school aged children with issues or concerns such as  anxiety, depression, school refusal.  She has experience in social skills training, building resilience etc.  She is particularly expert in educational assessment work, assessing cognitive ability, academic ability, behavioural issues, ADHD, autism, dyslexia and other assessments as required.

Amorelle Blom  Grad Dip Counselling and Psychotherapy

Amorelle is an experienced and compassionate counselor specialising in children and family counselling.

Samuel Meyer Psychologist B Soc Science Grad Dip Psych (Hons) Provisional psych Registration














Coral Barker Counsellor Master Counselling