Endeavour Ministries is a voluntary non profit charitable organization which seeks  to provide for those who are in need for whatever reason – the lonely, the depressed, the ill, those in financial  difficulty etc.  We have been in operation now for the past 23 years and have assisted thousands of needy families with crisis assistance and counselling.  Endeavour Ministries has around 100 volunteers ranging from voluntary lawyers, dentists, teachers, counsellors, shop assistants, social workers, group leaders, cleaners, gardeners, ladies who knit warm blankets and baby clothes, cooks and waitresses, accountants ,emergency accommodation caretakers—and the management.

Endeavour Ministries comprises five main areas:-

1. The Andrews Centre The centre provides many services including crisis food, clothing, financial assistance, a food co-operative, community outings and events,  legal, & psychological counselling,, support groups, no interest loans, and a community facility for other non profit groups

2. Endeavour Opportunity Shop (run by 65 volunteers)

3. Endeavour Emergency Houses

4.  Monday  and Thursday Meals (run by volunteer cooks who serve between 90 & 120 people each week).

5.  Andrews Centre / Gleneagles Community Garden