Would you like to be better at managing your money?

The Money Minded course at the Andrews Centre is all about helping you to manage bills, buy better, save money to pay for the things you want and prepare a budget so that you are not always running short of funds!

The Money Minded course has already benefited more than 750,000 people around Australia whose comments include:-

“I would recommend MoneyMinded to anyone. Lots of people can benefit – who wouldn’t want to learn better money habits?” (Vicki)

” Doing the MoneyMinded workshops has taught Tulip and I a lot about how to manage finances better and develop a more disciplined attitude to money” (Dalal)

“I felt like I was always on the edge and could not see a way out of the debt cycle. I now have financial freedom which feels great. I feel confident that sticking to the budget will keep me out of financial trouble.” (Scott)

The course is FREE! It consists of two 2 hour sessions which address topics such as:-

Saving and Spending

Budgets and Planning

Tips on How to Save Money Whilst Still Enjoying Life!

To enrol in a course or to get any further information just ring the Andrews Centre on 97004944 and you will be advised on when the next course will be running.